Everyday Miracles – Fran’s Care Box

Everyday Miracles is our new programme, which focuses on theatre-making and wellbeing in lockdown.

Over the next few weeks, the GSC team will be sharing the contents of their own Care Boxes, containing 5 items lined to the five senses, which could bring a feeling of comfort, calm and happiness.

This week’s Care Box is from Francesca McInally, our Education and Outreach Manager, who led the Live YouTube Chats.

If you’d like to create your own Care Box, or want to catch-up on any of the Everyday Miracles content, you can find it all on our website.

Francesca McInally: My Care Box


My Care Box is actually a bag, a very pretty bag at that. It was part of my Secret Santa gift from our wonderful Stage Manager Beth. If any of you have seen a GSC show you will know that Beth can create actual magic on stage! This bag was filled with lights and special 3D glasses that meant every lightbulb transformed into a little Father Christmas. Beth even decorated the ceiling in our rehearsal room to match!


I was randomly gifted this Royal Family Dot to Dot Book and it is currently one of my favourite things. I love seeing the images come into fruition, I mean look at the Queen on her horse, that is genius. My mind tends to work quite quickly and I am always thinking about ‘what’s next?’, so having the discipline of going one number at a time is very good to slow down my thoughts and to ground me in the present. I also have a selection of photos and cards that remind me of my loved ones and good times.


I have playlists on my Spotify account for every eventuality. My ‘go to’ playlist is a selection of female singers from the 90’s and 00’s. Think Destiny’s Child, The Spice Girls, Alanis Morrisette, Pink, Whitney, Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crow. I am aware that this may sound like hell for some but to me this mix of angst, female friendship and empowerment really lifts me and gets me dancing. Funnily enough, like Ant, Bat Out of Hell is one of my favourite albums. I have many fond memories of rocking out with my uncle John performing these songs. I loved the drama.


This bottle of lavender oil goes with me everywhere. I find it incredibly soothing to rub onto my pulse points, especially when cramming on a busy train at Clapham during my commute to work. It also reminds me of the incredible lavender fields you get at home in Norfolk.


Not the healthiest (sorry, Louise) but Dark Chocolate or fizzy sweets are the best. These sweets I picked up in a market in Japan, so it also brings back fond memories of travelling with friends. Handy that the sugar and calorie content are in another language so there is limited guiltt.


I have included a mini pampering kit. It’s amazing how taking a bit of time to treat yourself to the sensation of rubbing some nice smelly hand cream in, painting your nails a sparkly colour and putting on a facemask can make you feel better. I would also add in my dog Skipper, who I love to stroke, but I couldn’t fit him into the bag, although he did try!

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