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Looking for the perfect way to get your family, friends or work colleagues together? Then look no further! Let GSC solve the puzzle with our live online Murder Mysteries!

"A little gem that many companies would love to bring to their teams right now to keep the spirits up!"
Janine Chamberlin, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales, Talent Solutions at LinkedIn UK

"The team thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was such a great escapism."
Duncan Elson, Partner, Charles Russell Speechleys

“Just fantastic - the best thing we have done in lockdown”

"Felt almost like going out for the evening!"

From the comfort of their own homes you can bring your team together for a fun-filled evening of intrigue and entertainment. We have THREE Murder Mysteries available to hire for private functions; both are fully interactive and last approx. 90 minutes.

1955. Soho, London. The Verona Lounge is the crown jewel of London's coolest cabaret bars; frequented by everyone from film stars to politicians, as well as the capital's criminal underworld.

The Lounge is joint-owned by the recently-widowed gossip grandee, Solanio, and the notorious brothers Seb and Tony Fray. Topping the bill 3 nights a week are the stunning Vivi Twins, Olive and Viola Feste, whose numbers are always to die for. But when a body is discovered in one of the dressing rooms, no-one is calling for an encore...

Once again, it's your job to untangle the knot of lies and deception before the Frays arrive with their own methods of law enforcement.

Written by Eli Murton; Directed by Francesca McInally

Sometime in the 1920s; somewhere in Guildford. You have been invited to Solanio’s Swinging Speakeasy for the auction of a very rare diamond: The Shakespeare Solitaire. The Solitaire is rumoured to have been gifted to Shakespeare by Elizabeth I herself; but following its theft from the Bard’s lodgings soon after, the precious diamond has laid a curse on every one of its owners since.

The last owner’s body – Henry Lear - was discovered in the streets of Guildford just two weeks ago. Will it be the last murder, or was that just the beginning? It's up to you to find out.

Dapper gents and flapper girls are the order of the day in this classic whodunnit?!

Written by Ant Stones; Directed by Francesca McInally

It's 1989 and All That Glisters is the celebrity TV show everyone is talking about. Tonight, we're at Salacious! - an exclusive wine bar in the heart of stylish Monaco. Your presenter Solanio is on the red carpet for a brand new photographic exhibition by Jacques Amoree.

The event is the society party of the year, and is being held to commemorate Jacques' famous patron, the 96-year old Leonato 'Monty' Montague,  who last month was found dead in his silk kimono floating in the Monaco Marina... but when a mysterious motorbike courier delivers some alarming news, all that glisters may not be gold!

With all eyes on the family it is down to you to uncover the truth behind the lies, the deeds behind the deception.

Written by Eli Murton; Directed by Francesca McInally


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Using Zoom, these fully interactive whodunnits feature a cast of four actors who play out the story across the evening. In between scenes participants are broken into groups to interrogate each of the suspects. Before the final reveal, you’re asked to vote on who you think committed the crime (or crimes!).

It's YOUR Party!

Why not make the most of the event by encouraging your team to dress up in the style of the show; maybe create some cocktail recipes for them (ingredients up to you!); or send them a hamper of party nibbles? You could even arrange for festivities to continue afterwards. We will also send you promotional material to help spread the word.


GSC Murder Mysteries are £400 each, for up to 20 devices (a max of two people per device). Extra devices are charged at £20 each and we can accommodate up to 40 devices in total.

Mysteries are subject to availability, so to register your interest (and if you have any questions) please email us.

• On the day of the Murder Mystery, you will receive an invitation by email, usually around Noon.
• This invitation will include an electronic link which gives you access to the Murder Mystery.
• Your host, Solanio, will greet you on arrival, and once everyone is assembled provide you with full instructions.
• Please note, parties will not start before the scheduled start time.
• The Murder Mystery is delivered by Zoom, and help will be given in advance of the event starting should you need it.
• Our team will also be on hand during the event should you have any technical problems.



You will watch this show on an electronic device - a phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Your ticket is for that one device. We say that up to two people may watch the show on one device because if you live with someone we want you to share the experience of the show together (rather than being in separate rooms on different devices!).

However, in order to ensure that GSC generates enough revenue to pay the wages of the artists involved and to keep making great theatre in the future, we request that if there are more than two of you in the same household watching, you either buy a second device or make a donation. See the ticket details above.


The Verona Lounge will be live streamed using Zoom. You can watch on your phone or tablet, though we recommend using a laptop or PC/Mac for better quality. Whatever you choose to view it on, we recommend you download Zoom to your device first - it is free and follow the instructions on one of the links below. Do this in advance of the production so that you can check everything is working correctly. Email us if you have any questions, or visit the Zoom Help Centre

DOWNLOAD ZOOM (select 'Zoom Client for Meetings')


Like usual Murder Mystery Parties part of the fun is being able to speak to the suspects, gather clues and consult with your fellow detectives. We will be using the Breakout Room function on Zoom, so that in between the scenes, you will be directed to join one of these rooms where you can cross-examine the suspects.

If you would prefer not to take part in this way, you can leave your video and audio off... but we do hope you'll join in!


You may be able to watch the Murder Mystery on your TV if you can connect your device to it. Zoom does not have a TV app.
For laptops, if your TV has a HDMI port, you can connect your laptop to your TV using one of these.


Simply identify the HDMI ports on your TV and laptop, then connect the two devices together using a HDMI cable (you can purchase these from most electrical stores and larger supermarkets). On your TV select either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 as the source, depending on whether you have anything else plugged in.

Then turn on your laptop and your desktop screen should now be on your TV screen. You can use your laptop to log in to Zoom and watch the show on your big screen.

Here’s a more in-depth guide on how to connect your laptop to your TV
How to connect your Phone to your TV
How to connect your Tablet to your TV
How to connect via AppleTV

The above links are from external providers, freely available on the internet, and GSC are not responsible for any incorrect information.*We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to connect your device to your TV, and GSC take no responsibility if you cannot do so. The surest and easiest way to watch our show is on a laptop or PC, using the free Zoom app. We strongly advise you to test your devices BEFORE the show begins to ensure everything is working properly.



NO. The unique link you get in the email we send you will be for you and the performance you have booked for.

If you have booked for more than one household you may share this link with them but YOU MUST COPY US IN when you send them the link and include their names. Please use [email protected] when copying us in. This is so that we know who is attending the performance. If we see a name or email address that we do not recognise we may not admit them.


We're committed to bringing you the very best theatre experience we can, but with limited staff numbers we have to restrict the number of devices at each performance to ensure we can both manage the show and any technical difficulties that may arise.


It is with much regret that we are not in a position to provide captioned or audio described performances for The Verona Lounge.


Absolutely! The performances are live and the scheduled times above are at UK GMT.


Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder - some internet providers' firewalls mean that our automated emails sometimes do not always get through. Also, please check your email confirmation - the email on here will be the email that you gave at the time of booking, and is what we will use to contact you.

If you need further assistance, please email us

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