Work Experience - Internships

Throughout the year we have a number of students, from secondary school to university, from one week to two months, who come and work with us in all number of ways. If you are you seeking a placement or internship in a creative and hands-on environment to complement your studies contact us!

"It was great to be in a creative environment for the day and witness Shakespeare being performed at an incredible standard by a very talented cast indeed." Drama School Applicant

Our work is seasonal, and we have a very small team through the year when we are not producing…but there is always work going on.

"I found it so interesting to see the whole show come together. Thank you very much for allowing me that great opportunity." Theatre Student

If you would like to apply for a placement or work-experience, email Ant Stones, our Head of Education, with your details, and include a relevant CV and a brief description about the sort of work you are interested in. If we have something suitable/available we will contact you.

Please Note: GSC cannot finance placements and it is the student’s responsibility to arrange this.

Previous placements have involved:



Marketing & Publicity

Stage Management

Assistant Directing

Arts Administration



Rehearsal Observation

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