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We've listed below many of the questions that we get asked regarding a GSC show. Have a read, and if your query isn't answered, please email us

For questions regarding ticket REFUNDS & EXCHANGES, see Terms & Conditions

Visit our Access page for mobility questions and details on Assisted Performances

Weather (these conditions form part of our main Terms & Conditions)

For our SUMMER Open-Air performances both the stage and audience seating are completely uncovered. GSC kindly reminds you that the British weather can be changeable and localised.

GSC will perform in all weathers, and will only abandon a performance in the event of extreme bad weather.

The Rain

Performances are never abandoned before the advertised starting time, and only then in the event of extreme bad weather. Once underway a performance will continue even if it does begin to rain, and the company will make every effort to complete the performance.

GSC reserves the right to stop and start the action as necessary.

If cancellation or abandonment is unavoidable, you may exchange your ticket for any remaining performance during the same season subject to availability. In this instance, please retain your ticket for validation purposes. Refunds are NOT given.

Decisions on abandonment/cancellations are made solely by GSC and such a decision will not be made until the scheduled start time.

We kindly request that umbrellas are not used as they create problems of noise and visibility.

The Sun

A sunny day is perfect weather for open-air theatre, but please note that both audience and actors are not undercover. Performances will continue and not be cancelled - refunds and exchanges cannot be made due to the heat.

We advise you to bring sun-cream and hats, and wherever possible, whilst picnicking and in the interval, use the shade of the trees and buildings. Parasols maybe used but please be considerate to the audience members around you.

Also make sure you have a good supply of water with you. Bottled water is also available at the bar.

What are the running times for your performances?

Until the opening night of a show it can be very difficult to know a performance’s running time. As soon as we know the running time it will be posted on the Box Office webpage

What ages are the performances suitable for?


We always aim to make our performances suitable to be enjoyed by any age.

We would say ages 5/6 upwards, and anticipate the show running for approximately 2 hours, though we will confirm this nearer the time.

Also, see Trigger Warnings

Are there flashing lights?

During the performance there may well be moments of flashing lights and mild use of theatrical haze. Check the show's webpage for specific details.

Are the performances wheelchair-friendly?

Visit the Access page for more information.

Where can we park?

Visit the Venue & Directions page for more information.

Is seating provided?

GENERALLY: Yes. We provide seating for our audiences, set out in a theatre style, subject to availability. For our outdoor performances, both stage and seating are completely uncovered.

Please refer to our COVID-Secure protocols to learn about how we are seating households and bubbles.

Is the seating reserved?

No, but as per our COVID-Secure protocols, seating will be in household/support bubble blocks, and allocated by our Front of House Manager on your arrival.

What if the seats are sold out?

If the seating is all sold out for a particular performance, our Box Office will let you know.

Does GSC use understudies?

Unlike subsidised theatres, GSC does not have understudies. In the event that an actor is unable to perform another actor will be engaged, and may read from the script on stage. In the event of an actor being indisposed we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on tickets already purchased. Tickets are sold for productions, not on the inclusion of a particular actor.

Is there a bar?

For the Summer Open-Air Season this will be a reduced bar and drinks must be pre-ordered before arrival. Instructions will be given via email before the performance.

There will be no food on sale.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No. It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol to GSC events. Only alcohol purchased from our onsite bar may be consumed at the venue. Any alcohol brought on site, not supplied from the GSC onsite bar may be confiscated. GSC is responsible for all alcohol consumed at their events. As GSC is responsible for what alcohol is consumed on site we kindly ask that all alcohol is purchased from our onsite bar.

Can we bring a picnic?

As part of Covid-Secure protocols we cannot accommodate picnics in the performance arena (this includes the seating area).

Are there toilets?

Yes. There will be portable toilets on site, with an Access toilet available for patrons with specialist requirements and for emergencies.

Are dogs allowed at the performances?

We regret that only Guide Dogs are allowed to attend the performances. Please be aware there may be effects, amplified music and gunshots in the productions.

Can we take photos/videos?

No. The taking of photographs and videos is strictly prohibited.

Do you accept theatre tokens?


Is the dialogue updated, or is it Shakespeare’s original words?

The performance will always be Shakespeare’s original text and not modernised, although the setting of the play might well be modern. Productions have been set in the 1790s, 1890s, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s and even 2017 for example.
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