“The performance is a fantastic opportunity for our students. Being able to see and understand how the characters change throughout the play will really help them with their studies.” Head of English at Christ’s College Guildford

Our secondary school tours deliver a strong interpretation of the play to assist discussion, while displaying the dramatic impact of text in performance.

Performances can be followed by a Q&A session, as well as interactive workshops, allowing further exploration of language, characters and main themes.


We keep Shakespeare’s original language, but condense the story, so it can easily slot within the school timetable.

Our four actors, complete with set, costume and props, will set up the stage in your hall, drama studio or theatre.

Previous staging have included a 1950s Italy, 1930s Scotland, a modern-day school, and post an ecological disaster. All of the settings designed to bring out key themes within the plays.

The film opposite showcases the performances we recorded for schools during the 2020 pandemic.


  • Running Time: 70 mins (approx) | Post-show Q&A: 10 mins
  • Playing space requirements: 5m x 5m for the stage, with access to at least one domestic plug socket
  • Get-In Time: ideally the team require access to the space 60 mins before the performance is due to start

More information can be found HERE

Performance Fee: £800 (for a whole year group up to 240 students. £6.50 per pupil after) | Additional workshops can be booked.

For details about Autumn 2024 productions and to book your shows please email Kerrie KERRIE DRISCOLL (Creative Learning Producer), or call the office 01483 301590