All tickets for GUILDFORD SHAKESPEARE COMPANY are purchased and issued in accordance with the following Terms & Conditions


Tickets for our online shows are Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable, and are governed by the same Terms and Conditions of our Summer Seasons, with the following additions:

  • Ticket holders are responsible for their own internet connection and service
  • GSC are not responsible for any lack of connectivity during the performance if the ticket holder’s internet service is weak or intermittent



EXCHANGES - Autumn & Winter Seasons only

Tickets for Autumn/Winter Seasons may be exchanged, NO LATER than 48 HOURS BEFORE the performance you have booked for. There is a £2.50 administration charge for each ticket exchanged. Please call the Box Office 01483 304384.

GSC Friends can exchange their tickets free of charge, but still no later that 48 hours before the performance booked for. If you are not a GSC Friend, please do not contact us to ask if you can exchange your tickets as it is embarrassing to have to decline as per our Terms and Conditions.

In the event of an abandoned or cancelled performance due to circumstances outside of the Management’s control:

  • Tickets may be exchanged for any remaining performance during the SAME season, subject to availability.
  • To qualify for an exchange you must validate your ticket with the Box Office onsite, and retain this ticket.
  • Exchanges will only be granted if you are present at the abandoned or cancelled performance.
  • GSC will decide if the circumstances result in a performance needing to be cancelled or abandoned.
  • For Open-Air events: Tickets are purchased in the understanding that these are open-air events and there is a possibility that the weather may be wet and/or cold. Should you decide not to attend your chosen performance due to the weather, GSC will not issue refunds. See the GSC Weather Policy below.


  • TICKET COLLECTION: Your email confirmation that you were sent when you made your booking will act as your ticket. Please show this when you arrive at the venue(s).
  • SEATING: is unallocated
  • ACCESS: Please visit the Access page for more details
  • DIRECTIONS: visit our Venues & Directions page
  • RUNNING TIMES: visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or the individual performance pages


  • TICKET COLLECTION: You may collect your tickets 45 MINUTES BEFORE the scheduled start time from the Box Office at the venue. The seating/picnic areas will not be open before this time.
  • SEATING: is unallocated
  • ACCESS: visit the Access page for more details
  • DIRECTIONS: visit our Venues & Directions page
  • RUNNING TIMES: visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or the individual performance pages


  • GSC reserves the right to make any alterations to the advertised arrangements, programme or cast without being obliged to offer refunds or exchanges.
  • LATECOMERS may not be admitted until a suitable break in the action, and may not be able to sit with the rest of their party.

  • The use of cameras, tape recorders or any other electronic or digital recording, photographing, imaging or audio devices is not allowed during the performance.
  • Mobile phones, beepers and pagers must be switched off at all times.
  • Ticket holders consent to the recording and filming of themselves as members of the audience by the Management for future promotional and funding purposes. Notices will be posted should this be taking place.
  • GSC cannot take responsibility for any personal property.
  • Smoking and the use of E-cigarettes is not permitted in the audience seating areas.


  • It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol to GSC events.
  • Only alcohol purchased from our onsite bar may be consumed at the venue.
  • Any alcohol brought on site, not supplied from the GSC onsite bar may be confiscated. GSC is responsible for all alcohol consumed their events.
  • GSC reserves the right to refuse admittance to any ticket holder who appears to be intoxicated, and no refunds will be given.


  • Our venues are beautiful places and take a lot of work to look after, please respect this during your visit, and the environment of local residents when leaving the venue. We therefore ask you to take responsibility for helping us to protect these venues from harm by treating them with respect.
  • GSC cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by you to these premises.
  • GSC requests that you read these full Terms & Conditions and FAQ's in advance of your visit, and respect any guidance given by our FOH team, in terms of looking after your own safety during your time at these venues.
  • GSC kindly ask that you take any litter, including picnic waste, with you when leaving the venues.


For our Open-Air performances both the stage and audience seating are completely uncovered. GSC kindly reminds you that the British weather can be changeable and localised.

GSC will perform in all weathers, and will only abandon a performance in the event of extreme bad weather.

The Rain

  • Performances are never abandoned before the advertised starting time. Once underway a performance will continue even if it does begin to rain, and the company will make every effort to complete the performance.
  • GSC reserves the right to stop and start the action as necessary.
  • If abandonment is unavoidable, you may exchange your ticket for any remaining performance during the same season subject to availability. In this instance, please retain your ticket for validation purposes. Refunds are NOT given for abandoned performances.
  • Decisions on abandonment are made solely by GSC and such decisions will not be made until the scheduled start time.
  • We kindly request that umbrellas are not used as they create problems of noise and visibility.

The Sun

  • A sunny day is perfect weather for open-air theatre, but please note that both audience and actors are not undercover. Performances will continue and not be cancelled. Refunds or exchanges cannot be made due to the heat.
  • We advise you to bring sun-cream and hats, and wherever possibly whilst picnicking and in the interval use the shade of the trees and buildings. Parasols may be used but you may asked to sit further back so as not obscure the view of other audience members.
  • Also make sure you have a good supply of water with you. Bottled water is available at the bar.

Updated 21 April 2020 (GSC Trust Ltd.)

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