"This company is nothing short of miraculous. A beacon for the Arts” 

Brian Blessed OBE, GSC Honorary Patron

Art, in all its forms, contains the unparalleled ability to transform lives. Whether it is a watercolour being looked at, a book being read aloud, a dance at a wedding or a piece of live theatre, art has the power to take us to places we have never been and feel emotions we’ve never felt, inspiring us to new ideas and ways of looking at the world around us, and how we live in it.

Although much is made of art being easily accessible to everyone, it still carries certain misconceptions and stigma: that it is an expensive ‘hobby’; it’s for an educated elite; or something that’s ‘not for me’. At GSC, our mandate is to challenge those perceptions and encourage a new way to experience theatre-going and arts engagement.

“GSC are proven, skilled craftsmen and you won’t see Shakespeare produced better anywhere else (sorry Stratford).” Remotegoat.com

Since 2006 our site-responsive approach has been the key breaking down these initial barriers. By deliberately choosing non-theatre venues to stage our work, we invite our audiences to interact with these community spaces, to be more explorative of their town. At the same time it encourages a local pride in our shared society. GSC's presence also supports continued, varied use of these special places, helping to sustain our collective cultural heritage.

“You’re one of the reasons I love living in Guildford” Audience Member

Our over-riding objective is to broaden cultural engagement and nurture the audiences and artists of tomorrow. Our desire to be the go-to resource for Shakespeare education in the South East (outside of London), is an essential component in realising that ambition.


Throughout the year, our dedicated Outreach and Education Department creates some 17,000 participant opportunities every year for young and old through workshops, clubs and classes. Our TIE tours reach 7,500 students a year, in targeted, disadvantaged primary and secondary schools across Surrey.

"The children absolutely loved the workshop. It was incredibly inclusive. Children from our deaf unit could participate through to our highest able Y6s.” Guildford Grove

Alongside our in-house classes and schools' work, we've developed a range of free-to-access social inclusion projects which includes mental health, inter-generational and young carers programmes.

We are committed to making GSC one of the most recognised theatre companies in the South East, a model of performance and production excellence.

“This is why British theatre is such a marvel” Daily Telegraph