Everyday Miracles – Indiana’s Care Box

Everyday Miracles is our new programme, which focuses on theatre-making and wellbeing in lockdown.

Over the last few weeks, the GSC team have been sharing the contents of their own Care Boxes, containing 5 items lined to the five senses, which could bring a feeling of comfort, calm and happiness.

This week’s Care Box is from Indiana Lown-Collins, our Assistant Producer and Director.

If you’d like to create your own Care Box, or want to catch-up on any of the Everyday Miracles content, you can find it all on our website.

Indiana Lown-Collins: My Care Box


My box, is rather new. I’ve only had it a few weeks, but it feels pretty special. It is the box my bridesmaid shoes came in. Next year I’m bridesmaid to my best friend, Emily. I’m so excited and this box brings me joy. I’ve cut out a piece of pink carboard as that’s Emily’s favourite colour and written ‘Indiana’s care box’ with glitter gel pens. I LOVE glitter!


This notebook was a ‘Congratulations’ present from my cousin when I first started at GSC. Me and my cousin, Aaron, are besties. He now lives in New Zealand and I miss him terribly. When I look at the notebook, I feel closer to him and it also makes me realise how far I’ve come. It grounds me and makes me smile. I also love that it has my name on it. I’m a big fan of my name!


When you turn the key at the bottom of my Lion King snow globe, the song ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King plays. When I was a child, I use to collect snow globes. I don’t do this anymore, but I’ve kept a few special ones. When I turn the key and hear the tune, I feel instantly soothed and at home.


Fantasy by Britney Spears. Not sure how normal this is, but I have been wearing this perfume since I’m 16. No other smell in the world compares to the exquisite smell of this perfume. I first bought it because I was a Britney fan, but then I just got hooked to the smell. I can spot someone wearing this perfume from miles away and I always get excited by someone else is wearing it. It also makes me happy because my friends and family recognise me by that smell. You will never doubt which jacket on the coat hanger is mine, for sure! Unless there is another obsessed Fantasy fan out there!


This one was hard! I’ve picked Alioli (which is a Spanish version of garlic mayonnaise). Shockingly I have none left! That’s because I devour it within hours of buying it! So, a print-out of the label will have to do! The taste reminds me of home. The beautiful Spanish cuisine that I miss terribly. Alioli is a signature sauce, you can have it with basically everything. Normally, in Spain, you have it as a starter on some bread.


This is Puppy. I’ve had Puppy since I was 4. It was a ‘moving away present’ from a school friend. I moved to Spain at that age and I guess Puppy felt like holding on to England in some way. From that moment Puppy became the most important toy in my life. Puppy has been everywhere with me, every holiday, trip and new house. He has also been there for all the big moments in my life, from sad ones to happy ones. I still sleep with puppy (I’m 27) and hug him when I’m sad. People may think I’m too old to do this, but Puppy is my family and he makes me feel safe.

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