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Today’s blog has been written by Zoe, a member of ‘At Home with GSC’ our drama group in Woking for home-educated children…

Hello, I am Zoe. I am currently doing my Arts Award and as such I had to lead a 15 minute exercise. Fran kindly let me lead the warm up, which looked at the way we move and how this can form different characters and feelings.
I first got the group to walk around the space in a completely neutral way…

“Your face is a mask. There is no emotion behind your eyes. Now, as you walk, slowly change the way you move to someone who is thinking very hard about something. What have you changed? How fast are you walking? What part of your body do you lead from?

Now be a really friendly person. Be friendly not just with your eyes and faces but with your whole body. Finally be someone who is scared. Someone who checks if there’s anyone in the hallway before they turn a corner. Is this person scared of everything or just one thing in particular?

Now try and remember what you changed in your body to make the different characters.”

I’m really glad I had the courage to lead the warm up. My friends responded well to what I was saying and they brought interesting ideas to the space. We are studying Romeo and Juliet this term so I’m hoping we will be able to put some of the things we practised into bringing the characters to life.

I liked leading the session and I think that directing is something I’d like to do more of in the future (maybe as a career). I think it was a positive experience and Fran has asked me to lead more exercises and games.

If you would like to know more about our Home-Educated classes. Please contact Fran using [email protected].

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