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Spirit of Youth began in 2018 by bringing together residents of the Queen Elizabeth Care Home and children from Weyfield Primary School in Guildford.

After the success of their A Midsummer Night’s Dream performance in December, a new group of children joined the residents for ten weeks of sessions. Under GSC’s guidance the children and residents created their own version of Romeo and Juliet, performed in the care home this Spring. The benefits of diverse age groups working together has been obvious and you can learn more about the project in the video above.

Spirit of Youth is part of Brave New World, GSC’s year-long programme of outreach projects, which seeks to reduce social isolation and assist disadvantaged schools and individuals across Surrey. Many of the projects are free-to-access pilot-programmes and GSC will be able to share their experiences with local authorities and charities to encourage further projects and continued provision in Surrey and across the UK.

For more details about the Brave New World projects, visit the Outreach pages of the website.

Click here our latest Press Release on Spirit of Youth – April 2019.

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