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Everyday Miracles is our new programme, which focuses on theatre-making and well-being in lockdown. The well-being videos have been led by Louise Best, a trained dramatherapist and long-time friend of GSC. One of her exercises was to create a Care Box, containing 5 items which could bring a feeling of comfort, calm and happiness. Each item is linked to the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch).

Over the next few weeks, the GSC team will be sharing the contents of their own Care Boxes. First up is Ant Stones, our Associate Playwright, who helmed the first 4 videos on theatre-making.

If you’d like to create your own Care Box, or want to catch-up on any of the Everyday Miracles content, you can find it all on our website.

Ant Stones: My Care Box

The Box

My Care Box is one of my boys’ old shoe boxes. Old isn’t the right word, as they’re only 4 and 2, but I love how small the box is. There’s something incredibly cute about tiny feet and tiny shoes… I printed the label from Louise’s worksheet and coloured it in with some pencils lying round the house. I absolutely love colouring in and find it’s a great time to switch my brain off and accomplish something.

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This picture wasn’t hard to choose and sticks to the theme of my box. The picture was taken while the boys were at a playgroup last year and I’m a big fan of the insane background. There are so many colours, which compliment/clash beautifully with the boys’ clothes. This pictures always brings a smile to my face.


This was a much harder choice. I didn’t want to choose a USB full of playlists and I only have a limited number of CDs at home. Meat Loaf stood out, because this man always dials his performance up to 11. Whether I’m frustrated, angry, sad or happy, I’ll find the emotion in his operatic songs to belt out.


This is mint from the garden, grown by my wife and constantly picked by my boys. It’s a great smell – very calming – and gives me a very strong sense of home and the outdoors. Plus, I could make a nice cup of tea from it.


The old man’s choice. I get ribbed for carrying these around with me, but they really help me when I feel travel sick. They taste good and they’ve become a little bit of a comfort-blanket, which has spilled into my everyday life.


A literal comfort blanket, shamelessly stolen from my boys’ room. It’s just really soft and nice against the skin. It’s meant to be Paddington Bear’s night-time blanket, but he’s got a duffle coat and hat, so I think he’ll be ok.

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