It’s Valentine’s Day, so a #truebeauty update

Throughout the month of February, to coincide with our production of Romeo & Juliet, we've been asking you send us photos of hearts that appear naturally in the world around us. 

The project is been inspired by Romeo's line when he first sees Juliet:

"Forswear it sight, for I ne'er saw true beauty 'til this night"

We've been getting some amazing responses, and as it is Valentine's Day we thought we should share with some of the best we've received so far. Some of these have come from as far away as Lanzarote and Canada! 

#truebeauty runs until the end of Romeo & Juliet (24 Feb), and we'll be displaying a collage of all the photos we've received after that.

...for now enjoy this selection, keep your eyes peeled and send  your next natural heart photo to #truebeauty  on Twitter or Facebook!

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