12-28 June 2014


It was seven years since we last staged Shakespeare's bittersweet comedy, and this time we gave it a Victorian setting. Drawing on Queen Victoria's sober household in the 1890s, Olivia's house was one of quiet and decorum, presided over by Malvolio, complete with dour Scottish accent. Sir Toby, a washed up naval officer who had seen better days, and his friends Maria and Sir Andrew had other ideas. The lovelorn Orsino was a poet in the mould of a would-be Byron - as audiences arrived he was signing his latest collection...

Director Tom Littler's second show was a huge hit with audiences, and Neil Irish's design, dominated by a giant memorial to Olivia's brother, was, as ever, beautifully detailed.

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Audience Comments

“Brilliant performance last night, my son was in stitches for a lot of it! He loved it and as soon as we left he told me he wants to be in the Guildford Shakespeare Company when he grows up!” 

“Thoroughly entertaining. Never heard so much laughter at a play before.”

“It was an unforgettable night - a cast of stars, such that I couldn't help but be gripped to fall in love with you all”

“The poster is one thing. Your play, quite another. Outstanding. Curtain call please.”


Production photos by Steve Porter Pictures


Orsino, Duke of Illyria
Richard Keightley

Valentine, his attendant
James Camp

Curio, his attendant
Alex Hooper

Viola, a shipwrecked girl
Emily Tucker

Sebastian, her twin brother   
James Camp

Captain, of the wrecked ship
Chris Porter

Antonio, another sea captain
Alex Hooper

Olivia, a countess
Rhiannon Sommers

Maria, her waiting-gentlewoman
Sarah Gobran

Sir Toby Belch, her uncle
Chris Porter

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Richard Galazka

Malvolio, Olivia’s steward
Matt Pinches

Feste, the Fool
Morgan Philpot

Tom Littler

Neil Irish

Composer / Arranger / MD
Mary McAdam

Assistant Designer
Anett Black

Fight Director
Philip d’Orleans

Sound Designer
Matt Eaton

Production Manager
Colin Newton

Deputy Stage Manager
Christine Hollinshead

Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Thompson