11 - 27 JULY 2015

‘What a setting! What a company! What an evening’s entertainment!’ The Farnham Herald

‘The venue is an inspired choice, the production is well paced, inventive and hugely satisfying!’ Surrey Advertiser 

‘As always this innovative and enthusiastic company has some surprises in store.’ British Theatre Guide

‘The evening really did feel like a magical treat!’ Essential Surrey

"There needs to be more theatre like this around and I only wish you could have run for longer so more could have seen it…"

"The help and support you guys attract is simply karma beaming back at you for all the effort you put in and joy you create.  Bask in it and enjoy!"

Our third foray into non-Shakespeare plays and our first 'family' show, The Wind in the Willows was staged in the enchanting gardens and woods of Watts Gallery, Compton.

We took the audiences on a real adventure this time, as Ratty, Mole, Toad and Badger took on the dastardly Weasels. Audiences were taken up into the woods above the gallery for Badger's House, then led back to the front of the gallery to witness Toad steal a REAL car - yes we had a real car! A gorgeous 1927 Humber... The second half took place in front of the gallery which stood in for Toad Hall. The final battle was brilliantly staged in slo-mo to Ravel's Bollero!


Rat/Commuter Squirrel, Richard Emerson

Mole/Ticket Seller, Christopher York

Toad/Younger Rabbit, Matt Pinches

Badger/Hare/Magistrate/Police, Chris Porter

Chief Weasel/Otter/Sergeant, Johanne Murdock

Stoat/Goose/ Bargewoman, Rob Witcomb

Fox/Elder Rabbit/Duck/Shrew/Gaoler's Daughter, Sarah Gobran


Director, Tom Littler

Writer & Adaptor, Ant Stones with GSC

Designer, Neil Irish

Assistant Designer, Anett Black

Composer/Musical Director, Mary McAdam

Sound Designer, Matt Eaton

Fight Director, Philip d’Orléans

Production Manager, Amy Southeard

Deputy Stage Manager, Sharlene Harvard Young

Assistant Stage Manager, Jen Warner


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