The Taming of the Shrew

11-25 July 2015

Surrey Advertiser

‘Guildford Shakespeare’s staging of Shrew is vivid, lively and left the audiences in stitches!’ British Theatre Guide 

‘Scarcely a moment goes by without a brilliant detail that lights up the dialogue! Don’t miss this treat! This play is a total delight!’ Essential Surrey

‘Another unmitigated triumph for the Guildford Shakespeare Company!’ The Farnham Herald

"Lord how they moved us... not only in spirit but from location to location as we followed where they lead... the 4th wall demolished with delight…"

"The first time I have ever seen audience actually running to grab the best seats!"

Our second trip to Padua was directed by Charlotte Conquest, and one of Shakespeare's earliest comedies was given an Italian 1950s. We included the original pre-show scenes involving a modern-day Christopher Sly, turning the manor house of the University of Law into a pub garden. The main stage was the piazza outside Hotel Minola - the home and business of Baptista Minola, father to Bianca and Katherina. Petruchio's home was a giant banqueting table on another lawn.

The explosive pairing of Petruchio and Katherina were brilliantly brought to life by Owen Oakeshot (joining us for his first GSC outing), and our Co-Founder Sarah Gobran.



MARION SLY, Sarah Gobran

A LORD, Richard Emerson


KATHERINA, Sarah Gobran

PETRUCHIO, Owen Oakeshott

GRUMIO, Rob Witcomb

BIANCA, Nicole Hartley

GREMIO, Chris Porter

HORTENSIO, Richard Emerson

LUCENTIO, Christopher York

TRANIO, Matt Pinches

BIONDELLA, Johanne Murdock

VINCENTIO, Richard Emerson

A travelling merchant, Rob Witcomb

A widow, Johanne Murdock

Director/Adaptor, Charlotte Conquest

Designer, Neil Irish

Assistant Designer, Anett Black

Sound Designer, Matt Eaton

Choreographer, Rebecca Howell

Fight Director, Philip d’Orléans

Vocal Coach, Sarah Stephenson

Production Manager, Amy Southeard

Deputy Stage Manager, Sharlene Harvard Young

Assistant Stage Manager, Jen Warner

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