Sonnet Walk Weekend VIII

The Performances

Last weekend we saw our 8th year of Sonnet Walks take to the streets of Guildford, staged to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday.

A huge thank you to all the local businesses and heritage venues that worked with us to stage this event, our sponsors Whittingtons, and of course our fabulous actors who took part. Over 350 people took part in the walks, experiencing Guildford and Shakespeare like they've never seen them before.

Here's a few reactions we've received from walkers:

“I think this was the best-ever (I’ve done six of them). The way the sonnet/speech linked to the location was great.”

“Wonderful performances and insight into Guildford’s heritage”.

“Absolutely brilliant, best one yet, great actors, beautiful settings, wonderful afternoon.”

“I not only continued to learn more about Shakespeare but also discovered new hidden treasures in Guildford”

“For the joys you have given we thank you massively. This has been (if possible) the very best so far!”

If you were on the walks and want to know what the speeches and sonnets were that featured, here they are, along with the actors, in the order in which you encountered them.

Bad Dogs & Englishmen Barbers - JACK WHITAM & ALEX SCOTT FAIRLEY - The Comedy of Errors Act 2 Scene 2

Ben's Collector Records - NATHAN COLLINS - Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 1

Abbot's Hospital (Chapel) - JESSICA BRYDGES - Sonnet 64

Abbot's Hospital (Gardens) - VICTORIA BLUNT - Sonnet 54

Quakers' Acre - ROSALIND BLESSED - The Book of Sir Thomas More

New War Memorial (Castle Gardens) - LEWIS HART - Fear No More the Heat o'the Sun, Cymbeline Act 4 Scene 2

Peak's Pond - DAME PENELOPE KEITH - Sonnet 123

Millbrook - SARAH GOBRAN - Sonnet 90

Yvonne Arnaud Garden - ISAAC STANMORE - Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2

Westnye Gardens 1 - DEWI SARGINSON - Caliban, The Tempest Act 3 Scene 2 & Sonnet 53

Westnye Gardens 2 - BRIAN BLESSED - Prospero - The Tempest Act 4 Scene 1

The Britannia Pub - NOEL WHITE - A Midsummer Night's Dream Act 4 Sc 1 & Richard III Act 1 Scene 1

A huge thank you to them all and to you for coming!

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8 thoughts on “Sonnet Walk Weekend VIII

  1. Great fun again this year, especially with the quiz questions as an extra. Have you yet published details of which sonnets/quotes were used?

  2. Hello Matt and Sahara,

    Thank you so much for designing such and interesting and delightful Sunday afternoon. I so enjoyed seeing places I didn’t know in Guildford and hearing the appropriate speeches or sonnets. I thought all the actors were so good and wonderful to hear Penelope Keith and Brian Blessed. A really joyful afternoon.

  3. Matt and Sarah, when we were at school Shakespeare was worthy but dull. Your approach makes it accessible and fun. We could see passers by fascinated by what’s going on. Keep it up, see you next time.
    Roger, Catherine and Anna Hurley

    1. Yes it was fascinating watching people rubber-necking to see what the performance was! Thank you for your support and we’ll see you soon!

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