Schools Tour Rehearsals Begin on Monday

As Alice in Wonderland prepares for its first performances, we have two other shows entering the rehearsal room…

On Monday, the cast of our first secondary-schools tour will start work on Macbeth, before Romeo and Juliet, later in the week. The tour will deliver the two plays to twelve disadvantaged schools in Surrey with follow-up workshops on the schools’ chosen GCSE Shakespeare text. Over 1,500 children will take part in the project, allowing them to access over three hours of additional educational sessions, before their mock-exams begin.

Four actors will play multiple roles in both shows, wearing full costume on a touring set. Macbeth is directed by our Head of Education, Ant Stones, and is set in an alternate version of British history. After assisting on several main-house shows, Gabriella Bird directs Romeo and Juliet, which places the Capulet and Montague feud in modern-day Italy. Our very own Beth Mann has designed both productions.

If you’d like a little insight into the production of Macbeth, you can listen to a specially recorded radio broadcast below…

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