Romeo & Juliet #truebeauty

With Romeo and Juliet now put to bed - we'll posting a summary of our 2nd most popular show ever (!) later - it also means our #truebeauty campaign has come to an end too.

We've been overwhelmed with the responses from people posting their photos of hearts they have found. As you may recall at the start of February we asked for people to keep their eyes peeled for hearts that occur naturally in the world around them. it could have been as a puddle, a leaf, a shadow...the possibilities were endless.

The campaign was inspired by Romeo's line when he first sees Juliet at the Capulet ball, when he says "Forswear it sight for I ne'er saw true beauty 'til this night". 

So, as it is the last day of the February, the month of love, we thought we'd show you all the photos we have been sent...a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and sent us their photos - some even came from as far away as Lanzarote, Norway and Canada!

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