Everyday Miracles

Welcome to Everyday Miracles, a 6-week course of online content focussing on theatre-making and general wellbeing. Each week new videos and home tasks will be released to help you develop new skills and learn from GSC professionals.

Premiering: Monday 1 June - Friday 10 July.

Content will be premiered at 4pm throughout the week, with all content remaining on our website, so you can access it at your own pace. All content is available in multimedia format (video, audio and text).

You can find links to the original version of the Ugly Duckling story below.

Video / Text / Audio


Led by Ant Stones, GSC’s Associate Playwright, the sessions will open up the process of writing The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, our upcoming family show. The weekly tasks will provide you with everything you need to write your own version of The Ugly Duckling.


Week 2 [PREMIERES 4PM, MONDAY 8 JUNE]: Video/ Text / Audio 

Week 1 [PREMIERES 4PM, MONDAY 1 JUNE]: Video / Text / Audio

Home Exercise Worksheets

Week 2 [PREMIERES 4PM, MONDAY 8 JUNE]: Download

Week 1 [PREMIERES 4PM, MONDAY 1 JUNE]: Download

Don't have a printer? Email us and we'll arrange a hard copy to be sent to you.


Led by Louise Best, qualified dramatherapist and GSC actor/facilitator, the sessions will offer interactive exercises to improve mental health. Further exercises are provided for use at home.


Week 1 [PREMIERES 4PM, WEDNESDAY 3 JUNE]:  Video / Audio / Text

Home Exercises


Don't have a printer? Email us and we'll arrange a hard copy to be sent to you.


Hosted by Francesca McInally, GSC's Education Manager, with special-guests. These online meetings will allow you to hear various insights into theatre-making. Join us each week and have your own questions answered.

Week 1 (Friday 5 June, 4pm): YouTube Live Chat with actor Imran Momen. Watch the teaser.

Weren't able to join us live? Not a problem. Click here to watch a recording of the Live Chat.

NB: GSC's Live Chats are a safe-space for all ages. Please be respectful of others, when taking part.

We will also be running a GSC Café, via Zoom, straight after the live chat at 4.30pm. This is open to any 12-18 year old who is currently under CAMHS. GSC Café is a place to meet online to chat, share thoughts, ideas and a chance to express yourselves creatively. Please email Francesca if you would like to be sent an invite.

Please note: These sessions are suggested activities to support your overall wellbeing and are not intended to replace professional therapeutic help. Anyone choosing to engage with any of the activities needs to take responsibility for their own wellbeing when working with the materials. Please look after your own welfare and the welfare of any children in your care when following the videos. If you require more intensive support please contact us and we can post you to relevant services.


If you would like to support us, please consider donating to Brave New World, our outreach programme. For more details, please contact Ant Stones on 07956 000759 or [email protected].


Everyday Miracles is supported by The Community Foundation for Surrey and Arts Council England.


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