“Our hearts are in the trim”

We have just learnt that GSC are the fortunate recipients of a grant from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund.

This vital money will go towards our core operation costs in this difficult time, and those in the coming months. Together with a new mental health project, this grant will help ensure GSC will still be here for our staff, freelance artists, education & outreach participants and audiences when our current unprecedented situation has passed.

This funding is only made possible through the #NationalLottery and its players. A huge thank you to you all.

Such support, together with that we have received from our local authority, the benevolence of our sponsors and the simple messages of goodwill from our audience members, drives everyone at GSC to not give up and to #keepcreating.

The arts, now more than ever, are and will forever be a force for hope in our communities. Temporarily these communities are isolated, but there will be a time when we will all be back together again; whether it be sharing the buzz of being at a live event or participating in an evening class or after-school club.

…and we at GSC will be there to play our part when the time comes.

“We are but warriors for the working-day;
Our gayness and our gilt are all besmirch'd

With rainy marching in the painful field....

...But, by the mass, our hearts are in the trim

HENRY V (Act 4, Sc 3)

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