GSC and King’s College Guildford Unite for a Year-Long Partnership

We are delighted to be partnering with King’s College Guildford to create A Time For All Things, a year-long Shakespeare programme for 2018-19, funded by Guildford Poyle Charities.

A Time For All Things is a year-long programme that will provide 5 hours of Shakespeare workshops for all KCG students in the build-up to their GCSEs. These sessions will be spread across the academic year and their content written in collaboration with teachers. GSC actors will support students in four year-groups exploring scenes, characters and themes in performance-settings. They will also share their professional experiences and insights.

“I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of GSC joining us next year. The thought that kids who come to Kings will get Shakespeare, delivered and taught by actors and experts, as a fully embedded part of their curriculum is something I could never have dreamed of. The students are in for a real treat.” Matt Pinkett, KCG’s Head of English.

The programme was inspired by a similar programme we run at Guildford Grove (KCG’s local Primary School) and a day-long workshop at KCG in March 2018, funded by Natwest. We tracked the improvement of several pupils in various areas, including their ability to engage with Shakespeare’s text and express their ideas in the classroom. On average each student showed a 62% increase in their capabilities. Following this success, GSC and KCG sat down to design A Time For All Things in order to spread the benefits to students across the entire school.

“We are delighted that Guildford Poyle Charities has funded this year-long project. The practical nature of each session will encourage students to participate as actors, performing several scenes themselves. We can integrate their suggestions and questions into the workshop, while the actors’ presence provides a vital safety net as the children‘s confidence grows.” Ant Stones, GSC’s Head of Education.

The actors who facilitate our in-school workshops have often been in our main-season shows and bring a pedigree of working with some of the UK’s most recognised theatre companies, including the RSC and Shakespeare’s Globe. Their expertise will be an exciting addition to the school’s existing classroom work.

“Last year, rather than an ‘Introduction to Shakespeare’ or ‘Best Bits’ unit, we introduced a full Shakespeare text to be studied for students in Year 7. The enthusiasm and passion that Year 7 showed in tackling ‘The Tempest’ was inspiring.  Now, students at Kings will see the texts they read in the classroom, performed by actors on the stage. Our partnership with GSC means we can give them a lifelong passion for Shakespeare.” Matt Pinkett.

GSC run an extensive education and outreach programme, including touring productions to disadvantaged primary and secondary schools. They also host a variety of children on work-experience and grant bursaries for those who may benefit from arts activities, where financial circumstances preclude them from taking part.

If you would like to learn more about our education work visit the website or contact Ant Stones, Head of Education, on 01483 301590, [email protected].

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