4- 25 February 2017 

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In the shadow of the extraordinary political events of 2016 - Brexit and President Trump's election - GSC kicked off 2017 with Shakespeare's truly timeless examination of the corruption of power.

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Staged in Holy Trinity Church, Julius Caesar was brought bang-up-to-date with a US-style election opening (pop music, balloon drop, audience participation), a nod to the fast-moving political dramas such as the West Wing, and a fast-moving physical second-half as the world falls into chaos.

“GSC’s Julius Caesar is something special” Guildford Dragon

“Exceptionally brilliant…one I shall remember for a very long time” British Theatre Guide

"We brought out grandson (14) for his first experience of Shakespeare and he was enthralled and, what's more, said he was up for more!” audience member

Photography by Steve Porter Pictures

Trailer produced by Silvertip Films



CALPURNIA   Jessica Guise

MARK ANTONY   Jack Wharrier

MARCUS BRUTUS   Johanne Murdock

PORTIA   Paula James

LUCIUS   Marcello Cruz

CAIUS CASSIUS   Chris Porter

CASCA   Anna Leong Brophy

DECIUS BRUTUS   Sarah Gobran

CINNA   Matt Pinches


SOOTHSAYER   Sarah Gobran

MARULLUS   Matt Pinches

CINNA the POET  Marcello Cruz

OCTAVIUS   Jessica Guise


Director/Adaptor   Gemma Fairlie

Designer  Neil Irish

Lighting Designer    Peter Harrison

Sound Designer   Elena Pena

Fight Director  Philip d’Orleans

Verse & Vocal Coach   Sterre Maier

Assistant Designer  Anett Black

Production Manager   Stuart Harrison

Deputy Stage Manager  Jenny Skivens

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