Our Brave New World programme is dedicated to working with all sections of society, including the most disadvantaged schools in Surrey.

The vidoes above were recorded as part of our residency at Kings College Guildford. All speeches were written by Year 7 students and performed at home by professional actors. Watch the Playlist on YouTube.


We bring our unique and energetic take on Shakespeare’s classic plays into disadvantaged schools across the county. For many of their students this is their only chance to see live theatre.

Delight in Shakespeare tours primary schools, linking Shakespeare’s text through easy-to-follow narration. The children are invited on stage to play many of the roles and even the teachers aren’t safe. Each school receives a series of follow-up workshops, helping them to create their own version of the play.

The Play’s The Thing provides GCSE students with professional insight at a crucial point of their academic life. We tour Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, with each production specifically crafted to provoke discussion and stimulate ideas for classroom study.

"This will be the only experience of live theatre that some of our students have ever had. Many of them will probably never see a production of Shakespeare again." Sunbury Manor School

Our schools tour are made possible through our partnership with Delight and The Geoff Herrington Foundation


We work with schools in Guildford to provide their students with free Shakespeare workshops across the academic year.

A Time For All Things is an year-long residency at King’s College Guildford. The programme is created in close collaboration with members of the teaching staff, to ensure each class studies Shakespeare in a practical and effective way, as they the build-up to their GCSEs

Speak The Speech provides free workshops at Guildford Grove Primary School and Weyfield Primary Academy. Each year, we work with all children in years 4-6, providing a six-week course for each class. Pupils are taken through the plot, recreating scenes and blending the children’s own words with quotes from Shakespeare’s original text.

“We absolutely love working with the GSC and, once again, the quality of the performances and workshops is unparalleled. It’s all the children can talk about.” Guildford Grove Primary School.

Our funding partners include The Guildford Poyle Charities and The Wrentham Trust.

Action To The Word

We host a variety of children on work-experience and grant bursaries for children who benefit greatly from our clubs, but wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. We also offer discounted tickets for our professional productions to local schools.

“The student’s attendance has been much more consistent in recent months. Her increase in her self-esteem is having a positive impact on her academic performance in school and she has made accelerated progress in the three core subjects this term.” Weyfield Primary Academy


If you would like more information, or are interested in helping fund the future of these projects, please contact us or call 07956 000759.

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