Biz Award Winners!

Last night (Thursday 9 May) we had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Biz Awards for Surrey and Hampshire in Woking.

GSC was a finalist in the Community Consideration Award, which we are very honoured to announce that we won!

We are so proud to have won this particular category, as it really encapsulates what GSC is all about, and is also a wonderful testament to the hard work, dedication and talent of our brilliant team at GSC (meet them here

Our work is varied and complex, with so many strands; from professional performances to mental health projects; from primary school clubs to touring shows to some of the most under privileged corners of our community; from nurturing emerging artists to creating opportunities for those who have found themselves homeless...

In a climate where there is so much uncertainty and apathy, it has never been more important for the arts, and theatre, to lead the way in providing hope and cohesion for our society. The more opportunities that we create, the more we learn and the richer we become; the more stories we share, the more people will listen; the more people listen, the more work we create; the more work we create, the more people we employ, and so we go full circle as the tapestry gets richer, bigger, brighter, fuller and thicker, and we all benefit.

"GSC is a theatre company with its community at its heart – from the venues it performs in to the people it engages with – it has a tangible presence that its community can be proud of. Great art and theatre is not about headlines, celebrity names and national reviews, but about the people it touches and the experiences it creates. GSC may not have a national presence but its work in Surrey is vital, inspiring and in some cases, life-changing." Matt Pinches, Co-Founder

A huge thank you to the judges, to Eagle Radio, Guildford College (award sponsor), and to all the people that we have the privilege to work with.

Photo: Co-Founders Sarah Gobran and Matt Pinches with Indiana Lown Collins, GSC's Trainee Assistant Producer & Director

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One thought on “Biz Award Winners!

  1. So well done on winning the Annual Biz Awards, you deserve it with your marvellous attitude for enhancing so many peoples lives.

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