Schools Productions

Our school productions are specifically created to assist students with their academic study. We keep Shakespeare’s original language, but condense the story, so it can easily slot within the school timetable. Performances are followed by Q&A sessions and interactive workshops, allowing the students to further explore the language, characters and interpretations of the main themes.


Our school productions are specifically created for students; performed by 4 actors and condensed to an energetic 75 minutes. Performances can be followed by a Q&A session, as well as interactive workshops, allowing further exploration of the language, characters and main themes. For more information on our workshops, please click here

Our secondary school tours deliver a strong interpretation of the play to assist discussion, while displaying the dramatic impact of text in performance. Our cast comprises of four professional actors, who revel at the chance to engage with children and impart their unique knowledge and experience. The productions are cut, directed and designed by GSC’s professional team to the same standards as our main-house shows.

“The performance is a fantastic opportunity for our students. Being able to see and understand how the characters change throughout the play will really help them with their studies.”
Mechelle De Salas, Head of English at Christ’s College Guildford


Booking Available: Mon 20 September – Friday 8 October 2021.
Performance Length: 75 minutes.
Fee: £770. Book an additional show on the same day for £600.
Audience: Up to 120 children (£6.50 per pupil after)

“As always the performers were a fantastic representation of GSC and their enthusiasm, passion and professionalism was clear for all to see .” Jamie Foster, Bishop David Brown School

For more information contact us by email or call 07956 000759.

Primary School Tour

Our primary schools tour links the scenes through narration and involve the children throughout.

“We absolutely love working with the GSC and, once again, the quality of the performances and workshops is unparalleled. It’s all the children can talk about.” Guildford Grove School

The audience are involved through soundscapes, slow motion fights and our Shakespeare puppet, 'Little Will'. The children are also invited on stage to take on characters like King Duncan and The Nurse.



We regularly take our productions to schools that wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. This is made possible through our partnerships with Delight Charity, The Geoff Herrington Foundation and Guildford Community Grants.

“It was the best performance we’ve ever had at the school and I’ve been a year 6 teacher for a long time!” Cathy Waters, Town Farm Primary School
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